Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Blog Post by: Hashtag Boy Mom

I don’t know about you, but I catch the spring cleaning bug quite often. When the weather starts to warm up a bit, I am ready to clean my house out and tackle any extra clutter that we will most definitely have since we have 2 kiddos – and clutter follows them everywhere!

Typically I do one room at a time. That is less stressful and it keeps me motivated. Once I see one section of the room starting to open up and look much better, it motivates me to keep going and continue on with the task. I know sometimes people can get stuck and they aren’t sure how to tackle certain areas like the closet or junk drawer. I have a few tips for that!

1. Do you have a closet filled with old clothes that you no longer wear, but for whatever reason, you are still holding on to? Here are a few things you can consider doing with them:

– See if any family or friends might want some of them

– Sell any clothing pieces in good condition to a consignment shop (and make some extra cash!)

– Donate whatever is left to a charitable organization

2. Did you come across an old phone or MP3 player (or any other ancient electronic device)?

– Drop them off at an e-cycling location near you. My local Best Buy has a bin at the front of their store for old electronic devices. This allows the devices to be properly recycled.

3. Do your kids have toys that spend more time in the toy box, untouched and unused?

– Talk to them about selling some of their toys that are still in good condition! You can post them on your local for sale site. Your kids can make some spending money and you can open up some space in their rooms or the toy area in your home.

– If there are some that aren’t in the best condition but still have some life left in them to be love by another child, creat a “free” box and fill it up with those toys and sit them in your drive way! They will quickly find a new home that way. I love driving around and finding free items. Check out this tool shed I found with a free sign on it!

What tips do you have for spring cleaning?